Portrait of Valérie Pasquiou, interior designers in New York City

It is from her origins in Biarritz, France, and her fascination for the sea and the beauty of natural environment that Valerie Pasquiou developed her love for light, for strong and simple lines. She founded her own eponymous practice in L.A in 1997.

Valerie Pasquiou worked previously in Los Angeles in the film industry as a set designer where she attracted an array of high- profile clients, wanting to build elegant interiors with a humble attitude. Minimalism / tailoring / timelessness with warmth, simplicity with elegance are some of the qualities defining her work. From the use of light to the incorporation of noble materials, her vision aims to maintain the feeling of walking through an exclusive / familiar space.

Valerie Pasquiou has worked on numerous projects from luxury brands to high end residential homes proposing an artistic and intuitive approach which results to a crafted realization.

She is keen to create spaces with refined and functional answers to deliver design that adds value to the client. The studio, based in NY and Paris is locally engaged and internationally connected.

VPI work has been featured in domestic and international publications including Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Interior Design Magazine, Ideat, AD Collector and was awarded several times.